View incoming/outgoing


View incoming/outgoing emails

TeenControls lets you view all emails that are sent or received through the target phone. With TeenControls you can:

  • Read all incoming and outgoing emails on the target phone.
  • Look at emails exchanged through popular email applications.
  • Get email address details of all senders and recipients.
  • Read the content of each email.
  • Look at the time and date stamps to find out when each email was sent.
  • All emails are uploaded to your online TeenControls control panel which you can access from anywhere with an internet connection.
Read all incoming and outgoing emails on the target phone
Why You Need to View incoming/outgoing emails

Why You Need This Feature

Are you afraid your employees are using their phones to access their personal email IDs while at work? Do you think your employees might be leaking confidential company information through their phone’s email clients? Do you suspect your kids of receiving or sending inappropriate media through their phones? If you want to make sure you can just find out all the details for yourself, simply log in to your TeenControls control panel.

Available On :

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