Lock Their Phone


Lock Their Phone

TeenControls lets you send a remote command to the target phone that can lock the phone from being used. With TeenControls you can:

  • Log in to your TeenControls control panel from any location and send a remote lock command to the target phone.
  • Lock the phone so that no one can access it.
Lock the phone so that no one can access it
Why You Need to Lock Their Phone

Why You Need This Feature

Do you want to make sure yours or your loved one’s phones are safe from data theft? Do you have sensitive data in your employee’s phones that would be a disaster if seen by the wrong eyes? TeenControls lets you remotely send a command to lock the target phone, meaning that no matter where the phone is, no one will be able to access it if you don’t want them to.

Available On :

iPhone AndroidBlackBerry