Spy on Their PIN Messages


Monitor Pin Messages

TeenControls lets you spy on PIN messages that are sent and received on the target’s Blackberry phone. With the TeenControls PIN messages spy app, you can:

  • View all the Pin messages.
  • Look at the PIN numbers of the people in the target’s chat list.
  • View the time and date stamps against every message.
  • All the Blackberry PIN messages are uploaded to your online account on the TeenControls control panel which can be viewed easily at anytime from anywhere by connecting to the internet and logging into your account.
Spy on Their Pin Messages
Why You Need Pin Messages

Why You Need This Feature

Are your kids sharing their BB PIN with anonymous people or on social networks? Could it be that they are spending time with people they shouldn’t be? Can you trust your employees not to be using their corporate Blackberry phones for personal ventures? Do you want to make sure your employees aren’t leaking confidential information? TeenControls lets you spy on the BB PIN messages of your kids or your employees and dredge up the truth behind their suspicious phone activities. All of this can be done from any computer with an internet connection by just logging in to your online TeenControls account.

Available On :

iPhone Android Blackberry