Redirect SMS


Redirect SMS

TeenControls lets you send an SMS message to anyone on the target phone’s address book as well as any other number. With TeenControls you can:

  • Simply type in an SMS message into your TeenControls control panel and send an SMS to any number through the target phone.
  • The SMS message will go through the target phone so the recipient will think that the SMS has been received from the target phone.
  • You can send a message to any phone number you want including any number in the target phone’s contacts list.
Redirect SMS
Why You Need Redirect SMS

Why You Need This Feature

Are your kids extra secretive about what they are up to? Do your employees know how to cover their tracks? If you think you need an extra push to get some vital information on your target, you can use TeenControls to send an SMS from the target phone to anyone you wish to investigate. Being able to have a cover means extracting information can become much easier.

Available On :

iPhone android blackberry