Define Suspicious Words


Define Suspicious Words

TeenControls lets you define ‘trigger’ words that will trigger an SMS or email notification alert if used in an email or SMS message. With TeenControls, you can:

  • Set words or phrases as ‘trigger’ words or phrases.
  • If any of these words or phrases is used in an incoming our outgoing email or SMS, you will receive an instant notification.
  • You can receive these notifications through SMS, email or both.
Receive Instatnt Alerts on Suspicious Words
Why You Need to Define Suspicious Words

Why You Need This Feature

Do you want to make sure your children aren’t talking about things they shouldn’t be? Would you like to find out if they are talking about certain things in email or SMS messages? Do you want to find out if your employees talk about certain things in their official communication? TeenControls will notify you anytime a word you have specified is used in an email or SMS message.

Available On :

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