How To Buy TeenControls


The buying process for TeenControls has been designed keeping ease-of-use in mind. Following is the simple process that you need to follow to get your hands on TeenControls.

1. Click on any of the Buy Now banners scattered all over the website.

How To Buy

2. Choose the TeenControls plan that is right for your phone from the options below and click on Buy Now.

Buy Now

Please Note:

If you do not know which operating system your target phone runs on, you can select the target phone itself by clicking on the ‘View Compatible Phones’ banner.

3. Each version of TeenControls is available in a number of packages. The packages vary in features and functionality. Choose the package you prefer according to the intended use of TeenControls.

Select Package

4. Pick the duration you wish to subscribe to TeenControls for. Subscriptions can be had for 3, 6 and 12 months. Click on ‘Buy Now’.

Select Buy Now

5. At the checkout page, enter you payment details before clicking on ‘Next’.


6. You will be asked to verify your payment details.

Verify Payment

7. Once you have verified your payment details, you will receive a welcome email from TeenControls and a payment confirmation email from our payment vendor.

Conform Email

Available On :

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